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When the vibrating condom was launched it was a runaway success. Chemists in Chennai said it was sold out in the city; there was a waiting list, like in socialist India there was one for Bajaj scooters.

Rupesh Paul Productions is promoting "The Vanishing Act" among buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. A poster for it promises to tell "the untold story" of the missing plane, but in an interview Friday, the associate director of the movie, Sritama Dutta, said the only similarities between the thriller and the real-life disaster is that a plane is missing.

My solo backpacking trip through Southeast Asia was nearing its end when I booked my flight to India in February. I had become a confident and capable solo traveler and was lucky to be leaving Southeast Asia completely unscathed.

Authorities still have not been able to locate Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 when it went missing. The search for the plane has made headlines worldwide.

I knew India would be crazy and overwhelming, and I felt ready for it. But the backpacker scene was buzzing with the news of the multiple rape cases in India — one involving a tourist
— and I began to worry that going alone might not be a smart choice.

As a schoolboy, I once walked into a shop on a dare. I had to ask for a pack of Kamasutra condoms. I did so. The shop attendant pretended not to hear at first. When I insisted, he climbed up a ladder and came down with a bottle of Kayam Churan instead. He refused to give me the condoms.

Each posture is given a special name such as � conjunction of sun and moon; splitting a bamboo; position of a cow, a dog, a tiger, a horse, a monkey, a crab, a tortoise, an elephant. More than 200 different positions are there in which lovemaking is possible.
Many of these positions differ so slightly one wonders if they make any difference. Others are so complicated that you feel very touch to go in to them. Some are so complex that only an athlete can do them. One can enjoy sexual act sitting down, standing up or bending down. But the primary and most common position is the couple in face to face positions.

It has the advantage of easy entrance, facilitation of kissing, caressing, but it restricts active participation on the part of the women .It is also called Missionary Position. But this position is not very good for women with heavy weight partner. Nor does it allow the penis to penetrate very deeply, unless the woman puts a cushion under her bottom or raises her legs by bending her partner�s shoulders.
The main aims of different positions are: 1. To increase sexual pleasure, as variety is the essence of attraction. Repetition of a few conventional postures tends to make sex mechanical and dull. 2. To increase the chance of conception. 3. To prevent hygienic danger or injuries as in the case of pregnancy.

But, as often happens in India, what appears on the surface is not the way things really are. No Indian house is found without two domestic essentials: the broom and the carpet. We do everything, we are as curious about sex as any other society. Yes, we dirty the floor as much, just as we are very adept at sweeping it all under the carpet.

4. To keep couples physically fit and strong for the longer age. 5. To boost libido, stamina, performance and potency. Different sexual positions are designed for different purposes. There are some specific positions which facilitate ejaculation in the interior of the vagina that helps the sperm cell to penetrate into the uterus forthwith.
There are some other positions of female genitals which involves depositing the semen in the immediate neighborhood of the cervix, even after the cessation of the orgasm increases the likelihood of impregnation, as does also the retention of the erect inside the vagina.

"It has got no similarities," said Dutta, adding there have been so many developments with the actual case that it wouldn't be practical to try to mirror it. "We cannot keep up with the true facts, it's changing every day."

Hindi still hasn't evolved a modern colloquial idiom for love-making. It lacks words for sex beeg. In a Hindi story of the 1970s, the male protagonist asks his wife, 'Bahut tension hai, honey. Kya oblige karogi?' Is that really how we speak in the bedroom? Do we do anything in the bedroom at all?

Traveling through India does not always feel like a vacation, and it requires patience and precaution. But it is incredibly worthwhile, especially after one accepts that, like anywhere, there is a certain amount of risk to assume, and looks past the annoyances to seek out the beauty in a rich and fascinating culture.

The fruit sellers, stoop sitters, pedestrians and passengers were nearly all men. But I didn't only see this in Kolkata. Through the next four weeks traveling in northern India, the population would seem to me similarly off-balance.

The police routinely harass couples in parks (when they should be protecting them). On television, the censors blank out the most innocuous references to the human anatomy. Advertisements for morning-after contraceptive pills have been taken off prime time.
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